The major emphasis for this convention will be rose education, chaired by Andy Plasz of Libertyville IL.  For our speakers/presenters, Andy has called upon his fellow American Rose Society Klima award winners.  The people so honored have been recognized for their excellence in the field of horticultural education concerning the rose.  The award can be given for: 


  • A single act of achievement by an individual within the field of rose education or rose development that has a measurable profound or major global impact on the advancement of promoting rose education and furthering knowledge. 

  • Sustained volunteer performance by an individual over a decade or more of providing measurable high-quality educational instruction and/or publication in the area of rose education deemed to be of such high caliber as to greatly advance the public’s perception and interest in roses. 

  • A significant single act of scientific development by an individual or team that provides a major advancement to the knowledge and evolutionary educational base of growing roses. 

  • Sustained lifetime achievement by an individual in devoting and focusing their educational talents and expertise to promoting “The Rose” through consistent and reliable contributions to educating the public about roses. 

Dr. Lew Shupe, well-loved arrangement judge and teacher, dreamed of the possibility of gathering all of the Klima award winners in one location for a special educational event.  Dr. Andy Plasz, who was present to hear of that dream, has work diligently to make it a reality during the 2021 ARS National Convention and Rose Show “Cream City Roses”.  Klima winners who are able to join the convention line-up include ARS past-presidents Jolene Adams, Dr. Tommy Cairns, and Jeff Wyckoff, each of whom will be taking the microphone to present their topics of interest or to moderate panel discussions.  Outgoing ARS President Bob Martin will also make a presentation. Marily Williams, honored with the Klima Award in 2016 for developing the first ARS website, the first on-line Roses in Review survey, and editing and developing the Modern Roses database, will be presenting on 'Botany of Roses 101'.  Also joining in for the event will be Dr. Gary Barlow  and Baldo Villegas.  We are hoping that the other Klima award winners will be able to “join” the convention through pre-recorded or live video links.  Lew’s dream is becoming a reality.  Plan now on joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime experience of rose education.

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